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AdviseInc and Clear AI partner on StockWatch to provide local PPE tracking

Published: Wed, 06 May, 2020
Author: Mat Oram

London, May 6th, 2020 - Healthcare analytics firm AdviseInc and supply chain AI platform Clear AI  have partnered to provide UK-based innovation to the NHS in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.  The two companies have formed a strategic partnership to create StockWatch, a needs-driven data and AI platform for tracking PPE across the NHS, and are now able to announce that StockWatch is contributing to the national effort to track and deliver PPE to where it needs to be.

As the coronavirus pandemic began to impact the NHS, it became clear that understanding stock levels at the front-lines of the NHS and throughout other public sector organisations was a critical issue.  In response, over a month ago AdviseInc and Clear AI partnered to deliver a ‘last-mile’ data solution to gather information on PPE stock levels directly from the institutions using it and provide back analytics and AI-driven forecasts of PPE usage.  

The StockWatch system provides a simple interface for partner organisations to gather clean, useful data. Clear’s AI machine learning expertise combines that with aggregate clinical and epidemiological data to provide best-in-class forecasts of usage, and the result is custom dashboards designed with the full benefit of AdviseInc’s years of experience in healthcare procurement provide actionable insight.  This service has been provided free of charge to the NHS during this crisis.

Mat Oram, co-founder and CEO of AdviseInc, “The rollout of this tool started with an afternoon’s work over a month ago and has exploded across the NHS and the rest of the health and social care sector.  We’re thankful that we’ve been able to put the combined resources of our two organisations to use in assisting the NHS  during this challenging time, and that we’ve been able to reach over 200 trusts and other organisations including public sector, primary care, social care and others.”

From the beginning of this effort, AdviseInc and Clear AI have sought to provide the value of the StockWatch data to the decision-makers who can influence the supply of PPE to the organisations partnering with us.  

Ming Tang, National Director Data and Analytics at NHS England/Improvement, says: “NHSE/I is grateful for the early work of AdviseInc and Clear AI, supporting trusts with StockWatch and for supporting so many organisations from the start of the epidemic.”  

Moving forward, the StockWatch partners will continue to collaborate on tools and technology to benefit the NHS and Social Care. Steven Hamblin, CTO of Clear AI,  notes “Working on StockWatch to provide our AI and machine learning expertise at such a critical juncture for the NHS has demonstrated the value of our ability to develop innovative and UK-based solutions in an agile fashion at a time when speed and safety is critical. We’re excited to continue our partnership and look forward to providing even more value to the NHS at all levels in the coming weeks.”

If you're an NHS organisation, other public service or private healthcare provider, please contact us at to find out more and get started.  Most organisations are onboarded and live on the same day.


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