• Orange Segments

    With so much going on in the world of AdviseInc, it can be difficult to keep track of what we are working on, and how it might impact upon you, our customers. That’s why we will be regularly publishing Orange Segments – an all-in-one update covering company news,…

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  • Customer Q&A with Del Toomey

    Q&A with Del Toomey, Procurement Systems Support Officer at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust

    Could you start by giving me a bit of background on you and your role?

    My name is Del Toomey, and I’m a Systems Support Officer at the Queen Elizabeth…

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  • We’re a British Data Awards 2022 Winner!

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve been named SME of The Year in the British Data Awards 2022! 

    Run by Predatech, the British Data Awards helps to discover and celebrate the organisations that are passionate about data, no matter their size, with firms taking part including FTSE 100…

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  • 8 Key moments of AdviseInc

    1. Before AdviseInc  

    Before founding AdviseInc, our team worked exclusively in and around the NHS in procurement. We created the first STP-wide spend analytics tool and quickly realised the power of data and insight. We also wrote and launched a number of collaborative procurement hub business cases…

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  • The opportunity to innovate: why procurement is key to the success of the NHS green agenda

    David Lawson, Chief Procurement Officer, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and Neil Hind, Sustainable Procurement Lead, NHS England North West Region, explain how transforming NHS procurement can help the NHS to achieve its net zero target by 2045.

    Over the past five years or so, attitudes…

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  • Customer Q&A with David Lawson

    Q&A with David Lawson, Chief Procurement Officer, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

    Could you start by giving me a bit of background on you and your role?

    My Name is David Lawson, and I'm the Chief Procurement Officer for Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust…

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  • Latest insights into health and spend analytics

    Our High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Device analysis continues to save our PD+ customers hundreds of thousands of pounds in missed products.

    By comparing actual purchases, our cleansed list of products, alongside inventory management with NHS England's FRP workbooks, allow us to see products purchased and receipted items that do not…

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  • Feature Subject: catalogue checking solution

    It might not be spring time just yet, but as the evenings begin to draw out, the start of a new calendar year certainly presents an opportunity for a spot of spring cleaning. 

    Our catalogue checking solutions are now operational in two NHS Integrated Care Systems, with a…

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  • Prioritising procurement

    Rob Webb, Director of Procurement, Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Partnership (BSW Partnership), outlines some of the challenges faced by regional procurement leads, and the importance ensuring procurement is firmly on the agenda.

    As I and many of my colleagues know, the move towards an…

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  • Customer Q&A with Kayla Rossington

    Q&A with Kayla Rossington, Clinical Category Officer, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

    Could you start by giving me some background on you and your role at NHS Wales Shared Services?

    My name is Kayla Rossington, and I work for NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership as a Clinical Category…

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  • Feature Subject: data connectivity

    If you are reading this article, it is more than likely that you understand the value of data. But what are you actually doing with it?  

    We can look back as far as the 19th century to find an example of data-driven insight, when John Snow presented data…

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  • Feature: Is a health price index a possibility?

    The Consumer Price Index – what is it, and is there one for healthcare?


    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure that shows the weighted average of prices for a basket of consumer goods and services. It’s calculated monthly by the Office for National Statistics and…

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  • Control Tower Update - November 2021

    Our team is really looking forward to attending the HSCA Conference at the Harrogate Convention Centre next week, on the 24th and 25th November. With a stash of our famous orange notepads and new eco-friendly pens (made from sugar cane!) at the ready, we will be pitched at…

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  • Customer Q&A with Paul Barry

    Q&A with Paul Barry, Collaborative Procurement Programme Manager, for South Yorkshire Integrated Care System

    Could you start by telling me a bit about you and your role?

    I am the Collaborative Procurement Programme Manager for South Yorkshire Integrated Care System (ICS). I recently left a role as the…

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  • Customer Q&A with Rob Webb

    Who are you, and what do you do across your various roles?

    My name is Rob Webb, and I am the Director of Procurement for our ICS, Bath Swindon and Wiltshire. I look after the procurement at the three acute hospitals that sit across our region: RUH…
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  • Latest health insights and spend analytics

    In our October 2021 update on healthcare and spend analytics, we’re shining a light on High-Cost Tariff Excluded Devices (HCTED), and some of the common pitfalls for busy NHS procurement teams.  

    Since the beginning of this financial year, trust procurement teams have been responsible for validating the volume…

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  • Control Tower

    Speaking with a number of our customers, we know how big a task the transition to an integrated model of care is going to be. For regional procurement leads, one of the most pressing anxieties is the lack of visibility and control you may or may not now…

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  • Feature Subject: The Future of Analytics

    The way we visualise data in Procurement Dashboard and Price Benchmarking applications is changing.

    In the future you’ll have access to all the great insights, but we’re also exploring chat, helping you collaborate with your colleagues, and our team at AdviseInc. 

    “Measuring what matters is important, but so…

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  • Collaboration and the rise of the ICS

    ICS or Integrated Care Systems are the future of healthcare collaboration. Why?

    Individually NHS trusts are too small to achieve the economies of scales/ lots of duplication, Nationally the NHS is too big, slow to make change and deliver.  Are ICS's the right size?  42 Regions working together…

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  • 'Outstanding Supplier Contribution' HTN Award Winners 🏆

    Mat Oram, CEO & Co-founder, AdviseInc “We’re delighted to be have won the Health Tech Leaders Award for ‘Outstanding Supplier Contribution’ in recognition of our PPE tracking and forecasting system, StockWatch.

    “The tool was created by our team in response to an NHS trust who needed to understand…

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  • FT's 2021 Leading Healthcare Consultancies 🥇

    For the 2nd year running, we made the FT's Leading Management Consultancies specialising in Healthcare. 

    It's a great acknowledgment of the team's dedication to supporting Healthcare teams through deep spend analytics.  Made more special by the fact it's voted for by customers and peers - we have no…

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  • StockWatch - FREE PPE Tracker launches across public services to help fight Covid-19

    Just over four weeks ago the world changed for all of us. Not only did our personal lives change significantly, but our business also changed too. No longer were hospitals as interested in Price Benchmarking or Spend Analytics, so we made a bold move.  We offered our whole…

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  • New Partnership Announced

    AdviseInc partners with Jackie Pomroy Consultancy and R2 Consulting to bring together the best in Supply Chain Transformation, Scan4Safety and Analytics capability.

    The world has changed from when we first drafted this announcement. Now more than ever, healthcare needs an effective supply chain and our partnership is the…

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  • NHS Wales partner for full Spend Analytics

    NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) Procurement Services has partnered with AdviseInc to implement advanced Spend Analytics across NHS Wales.

    The partnership builds upon the delivery of over a million pounds a year in savings using AdviseInc’s Price Benchmarking tool (PB).  AdviseInc’s Spend Analytics tool (PD) will ensure…

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  • GM Woundcare - Case Study

    Celia Poole, Clinical Procurement Manager – Corporate Services Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership shared with AdviseInc how our analytics has supported her work across Greater Manchester to deliver a GM-wide formulary for Woundcare.

    While the concept of wound care might be easy to understand, the…

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  • Transparent pricing - Commonwealth at 70

    Hospitals paying different prices for the same products inspired the development of the online Price-Benchmarking tool AdviseInc.

    Launched in 2014, AdviseInc is the first company in the world to provide product price benchmarking across the whole of a health economy. “We set up AdviseInc to see how…

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  • SOEPS - Case Study

    AdviseInc is a great team, a great group of individuals and they’ve got a good product. We’d expect, with anything new, that the tool does whatever it does today. A tool that makes things better for everyone, says Alan Hoskins.

    I’ve been working with the NHS for over…

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  • NHS Wales - Case Study

    It was at a conference where I first saw AdviseInc and their Price benchmarking tool. £1m later in savings, their tools are embedded in all we do.

    I developed a real interest in medical and clinical procurement when I took up a buying role nearly 20 years ago,…

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  • Guy's and St Thomas' - Case Study

    David Lawson heads up one of a new breed of procurement and supply chain organisations, SmartTogether. Large enough to commit volume to the market and secure great value, but small enough to deliver change locally. Read to find out why David works with AdviseInc.

    There’s always interesting things…

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  • Price Benchmarking v3 goes live across UK Healthcare Providers

    The latest version of AdviseInc’s Price Benchmarking solution launches across UK Healthcare providers

    • £12.5bn now benchmarked across 45,000 suppliers, 1.7m products and 245 hospital providers
    • 300,000 more product benchmarks derived from product descriptions a 100% increase in benchmarked spend some non-acute customers where catalogues are not as prevalent…
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  • Highly Commended GO Awards 2019

    Great to hear the team won a 'highly commended' in the Best Service category at the #GoAwards2019 last night.  The team are busily working on improved Customer Support, Education and Customer Success as we scale our business to do more with Buyers and Suppliers in the UK as…

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  • Manchester Uni FT - Case Study

    Simon Walsh,, the Group Procurement Director - Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust recently took some time out to share his thoughts with one of the team at AdviseInc. Read to find out what makes us different...

    I’ve always had a very rewarding and supportive career. But the responsibility…

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